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Here, in this section of web-site you are watching, you can find some links to other web-resources relating to intellectual property rights. All links are grouped under territorial principle and relate to protection, representing and promoting the rights and interests of creators, authors, performers and other people engaged in creation of intellectual property.

Please always remember that Internet like any media is very democratic and only each thirsty for knowledge decides what he wants to see, learn and know, that’s why we advise be always careful in relation of any site, web page and resource you would like to visit. Nobody can guarantee you safety of web-surfing, especially when you are going to download any content from world Network to your computer. All web-resources were absolutely safe for personal computer at the time the links to this site were added to the relevant segment.

Some of mentioned here web-resources use the cookie-policy, just a small file useful because it allows a website to recognise a user’s device. Please always keep in mind that other sites can change information and content at any time. New links will be added from time to time.

N.B. We are not responsible for information and content contained on the linked web-sites and facilities of web-sites’ operators. These links were collected with purpose to make easy obtaining of necessary information and to help with own objective assessment of certain matter independently from anyone.

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